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Harryz Spices
Harryz Spices
Harryz Spices - Durban Curry
Ethiopian Curry Mix “Berbere”
Berbere’s unique flavor comes from many curry spices that are traditionally used but Juniper berries are unique to this curry mix. Ethiopian curries are made with chicken, beef, lamb, goat, boiled eggs or a variety of vegetables and are called “wat or wett”. For example chicken curry is known as ‘Doro Wat”. Traditionally it is one of the hottest curry mixes containing ripe African chilies, but we have toned it down with sweeter peppers. Berebere is a combination of lots of red peppers, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, juniper berries, black and green cardamoms, ginger and fenugreek.
Price: $2.99
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