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Harryz Spices

About Us:

Harry ShuklaWe custom blend our spices for each recipe and provide it to our customers with simple instructions to create mouthwatering, healthy, meals and side dishes in the convenience of your home, saving you time and money, and dazzling your family and guests with unique and fantastic new dishes.

Our step-by-step instructions for the preparation of each recipe are optimized for convenience and time-saving but can easily be reverted back to more traditional methods of preparation; if you don’t have a particular recommended appliance (such as smoker) just send us an email at harry@harryzspices.com and we will send you modified method of preparation suitable for your own appliances.

We use only the best spices from all over the globe to freshly create our blends just before we ship to you! Meticulous selection of spices and the scientific blending - with a background of local customs and traditions - for each spice mix will take you to places where these dishes originated. We help keep your kitchen clutter free, and stop the problem of hundreds of spices going stale (and losing their wonderful flavors!) due to their brief shelf life. We promise to keep you away from artificial preservatives and keep it all-natural.

A Masters and Ph.D in biochemistry with minor in nutrition and medicinal chemistry provides me with a clear understanding of food, its properties and effects on human body. In my work as a molecular geneticist, I have travelled all over the globe seeking knowledge of locals and learning about their traditions, culture…and, of course, their food! I have taken traditional cooking styles and methods from kitchens all over the world and modified these for the western kitchen.

My passion for exploring food from all over globe and regional cooking styles has culminated here at HarryzSpices. It is my joy and privilege to provide you access to these wonderful spices and careful instructions, and to share my passion into the wide world of foods.

Always feel free to ask me anything about food, cooking, pairing of wine and beers, medicinal properties or anything that comes to you mind on my blog: http://cookwithharry.blogspot.com. As you can tell, I am here with you to assist you in any way I can so that you can have a great cooking and dining experience in the comfort of your own home.

Let the wonderful culinary exploration begin!!